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Job Title... who cares... Show me the money!

Full-time scoopers can make up to $55K per year!

Dirty Burd is growing fast and is looking for interested scoopers. Our scooper can choose what schedule they would like to work and are paid for each yard they service. We are currently looking for scoopers in Rochester. To qualify for this position you must:

  • Have your own vehicle

  • Have a driver's license

  • Be available to cover at least 15 yards per week (4-6 hours)

  • Willing to submit a background check

  • Cover your own gas costs

  • Supplies, cleaning chemicals, and waste drop off provided


$12 Per Yard

15 services @ $12 per = $180

$180 per week / $9,360 per year

4 - 6  Hours per week

$30 - $45 per hour worked

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